Most Famous Slot Players And Their Winnings

golden coins Perhaps the greatest reason for the popularity of online slot games is the promise or possibility to win huge amounts of cash. Slot games like Book of Ra or Book of Ra Deluxe, in fact, most Novomatic games, take full advantage of this and build a catchy but powerful gambling platform.

While beginner slot players think of short-term gains and get demoralized when the first attempt is unsuccessful, more experienced slot players follow their strategy and come out with absolutely insane winnings. In some cases millions.

Such is the case of Jon Heywood, a British slot player who won £13.2 million back in 2015 with the Mega Moolah slot game. Needless to say, that both his and the Mega Moolah slot game’s popularity both rose overnight. Similar to Jon Heywood’s story is the one of an Australian, anonymous online slot player who managed to win an amazing $10.4 million (AUS) playing the Dark Knight video slot game. This slot game has been decommissioned in the meantime.

PokerStars Casino has also made 12 millionaires since 2017, giving away more than $23.6 million in progressive jackpots. This is also the success story of Anchor72, who then won $3 million playing Millionaires Island.

The Las Vegas Megabucks jackpots. While not as huge as online jackpots, Las Vegas still made some players happy. The state-operated slot machines,  over 700 in operation around Nevada, all linking to form a progressive jackpot that stands at a $10 million minimum at present. The latest and greatest jackpot win was $11.8 million. The Megabucks jackpot reached over $20 million for the first time in 1998. A retired flight attendant managed to win big while playing at Palace Station. A cool story of how 300 was turned into 27.5 million. Twelve months later Megabucks at Caesars Palace paid out $21 million from a single $10 spin!

Elmer Sherwin, who had his first taste of life-changing winnings in 1989 when he won $4.6 million playing Megabucks. Then, in 2005 and aged 92, Elmer won again; this time a massive $21.1 million. Ever the charitable man, Elmer gave away much of the money to his family and to good causes before passing away a couple of years later.

Comparing the above winnings to the ones I presonally saw Book of Ra players win, the amounts are less. On December 2016 a german player won 215000 Euros playing Book of Ra. This was the biggest win I saw, and it was probably a cumulative win not a single feature jackpot.